The first of our monthly roundup of highlights, scandals, grievances and disasters.
The BAFTA Best Film winner should sweep, but Oscar doesn't always agree with the Brits. 'Triangle of Sadness' was so effective it caused a leading film…
The scion of fierce Melburnian women tries to express how Australian mothers are different from the rest, and finds a truth about himself in the…
In Nov. '22, Killough asked if Americans might follow other Anglosphere nations and elect a Conservative as the first madam president over a Liberal.
A portrait by Athol Shmith from 1957 establishes a personal connection with Newton's "mysterious" years in Melbourne.
Ramin Bahrani's taut, confident feature explores structural social injustices the way no other mainstream film has.
A Scottish American feels thoroughly represented after finally watching the series.
It seems essential for many fictional detectives to have insurmountable personal issues and challenges. But why?
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